Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts program gives you the opportunity to shine in front of an audience or behind the scenes.

At Studio ARTES we know that the world is your stage, and every day is a chance to perform! Our group performing arts programs support you to collaborate with others to create performance works that suit your interests. You will gain behind the scenes knowledge in areas like costuming and prop making, while discovering new and exciting ways to create and perform.

There are a variety of performance sessions to choose from, including:

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Film
  • Puppetry
  • Podcasting

There are currently two extension programs available in our Performing Arts program.

The Ensemble is a dedicated dance collective for those who would like to extend their dance practice beyond our recreational programs. The Ensemble focuses on developing techniques in a variety of dance styles, while working in a fast-paced environment to learn and create dynamic choreography. The Ensemble is an invitational program.

The Swamp Dogs are a rock band who play original songs alongside classic jams that we all know and love! The Swamp Dogs is an invitational program. You can read more about the band and stay up to date with their music releases by visiting The Swamp Dogs here!

All members from our group programs enjoy multiple performance opportunities each year. These range from Studio ARTES showcase performances, to corporate events. They are a fantastic way to boost your confidence, and share your talents and skills with your family and friends. We know that performing in front of an audience isn’t for everyone. All performances are non-compulsory, giving members the opportunity to participate in weekly sessions without having to jump on stage.

Performing Arts programs are available across our Hornsby and Inner West Studios, as well as through our Studio Online programs.